New pricelist and discounts support specialised trade

egeplast is introducing a new pricelist system for the specialist civil engineering trade in January 2013.  In recent months civil engineering has been faced with declining market volumes and increasing raw material costs.  With the new system for pricelists and terms, egeplast is countering the resultant inacceptable margins.  We have already received the first positive responses to this from the market.

In the PE area, gross pricelists are being introduced and existing pricelists for added value products are being supplemented to include standard pipes and special applications.  In future all common article numbers, a table of freight costs and a list of articles that we keep in readiness in our “never out of stock” warehouse can be found here.  The discount system introduced at the same time enables our customers – especially in the case of smaller projects – to calculate attractive prices and to place orders directly themselves.  This results in faster and more efficient order processing, leaving us more capacity for qualitative support to all customers.  Our trading partners will be rewarded with new terms if they support us in terms of stock-keeping, product mix and optimised ordering.

Due to the volatile raw material cost situation, in future we will be adjusting these prices upwards or downwards each month.  By setting out the raw cost development separately, we are increasing transparency and can keep list prices and discounts at a predictable and constant level. 

There will also be greater differentiation of our service package next year.  This will allow us to make a fair calculation and thus more attractive pricing for our trading partners.

We will be informing our customers personally about all changes at the beginning of next year and planning the coming year with them.  They will receive the detailed pricelist information in January 2013.

We are convinced that, with our new pricelist system, we are offering our customers added value and are also making a contribution to alleviating tensions in the market.  We look forward to a positive working relationship with all customers in the New Year.