Into the network at the speed of light

In view of the rapid development of the data highways in Europe egeplast has extended the ege≡com? Microduct Multi product range to include the 24 way x OD 7 mm (or x OD 5 mm) and 12 way x OD 7 mm (or OD 5 mm) versions. This product version is used for shifting in loose glass fibres particularly for the market segment of FTTH (fiber to the home).

The ege≡com? Microduct Multi is a pipe bundle that is composed of several Microduct Mono cable protection pipes. Depending on version, the pipe system is ready to be pulled or shifted in to the existing cable ducts by direct installation or may be laid in the ground with or without trenches. The tough and rigid outer sheath protects the inner pipe from deformations for a robust installation. The special raw materials formula gives the inliners good gliding properties, thus ensuring extremely good shift-in lengths. This effect is strengthened by attaching an additional outer sheathing to the mono pipes so that the mono pipes are fixed in an absolutely straight position in the pipe bundle. The inner pipes are available transparent with stripes or alternatively fully dyed through.

Data highways without speed restriction are in ever greater demand as a foundation for the increased use of digital value added services such as internet, telephony, television etc. The efficient extension of these data highways presents a huge challenge in the coming years to all involved in this segment. With the further development of the ege≡com? Microduct Multi product range egeplast makes a decisive contribution to the efficient development of a high-performance and flexible network structure. egeplast is one of the leading manufacturers of PE pressure pipes in Europe. The product range covers the entire spectrum of underground conduit infrastructure: pipes for drinking water, waste water, gas and data.

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